The cornerstone of Epic's success is the unique ability to provide a diverse array of services to our manufacturers.   For the majority of our manufacturers, we function as the national sales force for the premium/incentive channel, with 14 sales groups providing complete coverage in all key markets.   However, for some of our manufacturers, we also manage the retail, direct mail, specialty and internet channels.   As an outsourced sale and marketing firm, we will take on the level of responsibility that will benefit the manufacturer the most.

Specifically, the premium/promotions channel can bring a manufacturer incremental sales and significant brand exposure, but also can tax corporate infrastructure due to the many requirements generated by this specialized channel.   Epic can greatly lessen this impact through the capabilities we provide:

Finance- The premium channel can add 400-5,000 new customers.   We take responsibility for the billings, thus freeing your finance department from approving credit, tracking orders and collecting payments from accounts that can do as little as $500.00 in sales.   We also pay rep commissions, thereby reducing the potential workload even further.

Customer Service- The premium channel has different requirements than the standard retail channel.   We have trained specialists working exclusively for this specific channel freeing up members of your staff so they can focus on areas of higher return.   We assume responsibility for purchasing, order tracking, customer inquiries and inventory control.

Professional Representation- We're supported by a group of premier sales representatives calling on all of the key accounts in the channel.

Marketing- We actively market in the premium/incentive channel through trade organizations and publications, buyer's guides and directory listings.  

Targeted Mailings- We proactively produce direct mail campaigns targeting advertising and promotional agencies, brand managers and other key promotion decision makers.

Creative Design- We have an in-house design department that creates customized presentations and other sales support materials.   We also develop our own marketing collateral materials specifically tailored to the premium/incentive channel.

Trade Show Management- We generate further exposure for our manufacturer's products through promotion/display at trade shows, including the Motivation Show and other industry-specific events.